In 1958, Phoenix Publishing House sought to revolutionize the Philippine educational landscape with one goal: to provide Filipino children with Filipino-crafted books. At the time, Philippine students used the exact same unedited and unchanged textbooks that came directly from the United States. Compelled by a desire to create material more relevant to the Philippine children, founder and pioneer Ernesto Sibal began introducing Philippine materials into all of the company's textbooks and encouraging Filipino textbook writers. This evolution became the standard over the following decades, as Phoenix eventually served schools nationwide at the elementary, high school, and college levels.

More than fifty years later, Phoenix Publishing House International carries on the same spirit of innovation, cultivation, and learning to the U.S. and beyond.


Being an immigrant or a descendant of immigrants poses numerous challenges, one of them being identity. A generation of Filipino-Americans has grown up, wishing they could have learned more about their history and heritage. At the college level, a fortunate few attend Filipino-American studies classes. At the high school and elementary level, teachers fill the gap with their own material and programs. Still, the students encounter the same problem that the Philippines faced all those years ago: dearth of relevant material. Phoenix Publishing House International recognizes this disparity as an issue to be addressed. We envision generations of students and teachers proud to have original material to proclaim as their own.


1. To develop and maintain Filipino heritage, history, and culture among Filipino-American students, whether in the school or the community.

2. To bring relevant educational material to Filipino-American students, first and foremost by cultivating original work by local authors.