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Kilusan 4 Kids: Critical Language for Elementary School Students

Volume 1, $30.00

Pin@y Educational Partnerships, A Filipina/o American Studies Sourcebook Series

Volume I, $30.00

Volume II, $30.00

2 Volume Set, $55.00


Announcing a New Publication!

Kilusan 4 Kids: Critical Language for Elementary School Students Volume 1

Following up the critically acclaimed PEP Sourcebook series for high school students, Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales and Pin@y Educational Partnerships, in collaboration with San Francisco Unified School District teachers, are proud to present the first ever Filipino American language, culture, and history resource for elementary students.

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Kilusan Cover

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Recent News

Launch Event for Kilusan 4 Kids!

We launched Kilusan 4 Kids, our new publication, at the April event Filipina/o Americans in Education. Over 100 people packed into the Bayanihan Community Center for great performances, an enlightening panel, and delicious Filipino food.

To start the evening, the performers excited the crowd through song, dance, and poetry.  Later, a unique panel on Filipina/o Americans in Education became the highlight of the night.  Because of a national conference hosted in San Francisco, educators from all around North America had the opportunity to be one panel to discuss their thoughts on their community and careers.  Professors Rick Bonus from University of Washington, Dina Maramba from State University of NY – Binghamton, Patricia Halagao from University of Hawaii, Tracy Buenavista from CSU Northridge, and Roland Coloma from the University of Toronto were joined by Bay Area educators Professor Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales, Aileen Pagtakhan, and Mary Grace Burns.

Their discussion on what advice they would give aspiring educators highlighted both the achievements of the current generation and the urgency to promote up-and-coming individuals.  With these educators who have worked to establish themselves in their communities and professions, the pipeline that now formally starts at kindergarten can see a whole bright future ahead of them.  PEP is a primary example of a groundbreaking organization that fostered the path, and now it is up to the next generation to follow and eventually lead themselves.

With our publications, one of our goals is to answer the question, “What’s out there for me and others like me?”  With the community bringing alive the content, we also hope to support the question, “What’s next?”

Release of From Our Hearts to Yours

We have recently published Leny Strobel's and Nancy Gochuico's latest work, From Our Hearts to Yours: Letters to a Young Student. Created especially for students, it makes a great gift anytime of the year, but especially at graduation! See the Our Titles page for more information on the book and purchasing.

From the foreword: These reflections, experiences, colorful stories and lessons will definitely remain in the hearts of the students. The writers who are the proud products of PHS share real leasson in life truthfully and sincerely. They have found and taken their niches and individual callings and made their marks in their respective careers - careers and paths the students of today will eventually take themselves. (Mon David, Pampanga High School Alumni, and Winner of London Jazz International Competition)

PEP Sourcebook Makes An Impact

Since its launch, our publication Pin@y Educational Partnerships: A Filipina/o American Studies Sourcebook Series has made its way all across the country for numerous conferences and events, from FANHS in Alaska to AAAS in New York. No matter the location, PEP has received the same enthusiastic reception that Terry Bautista witnessed at the book launch:

"Last night at Manilatown Heritage Center, I sat with pride and appreciation in a standing-room only crowd of. some estimates say, nearly 200 mostly young Filipino professionals. They who stood in a long line to get their copy of Pin@yEducation Partnerships (PEP), A Filipina/o American Studies Sourcebook Series by Professor Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales at San Francsico State. Just as exciting, the workbooks are published by a Filipino-owned publishing company Phoenix Publishing House Intl.

The throng of supporters and family were abuzz with well wishes and compliments for the 6-year project embodied in two volume workbooks. Field-tested at Balboa High School, the curriculm guide offers much in historical information, learning activities, and creative expressions.

After over an hour of booksigning, the lively program featured talented PEP teachers and students through original video, poetry, music and song. Most refreshing were the consciousness and power of the messages, especially from students who gained deep insight into how life for an immigrant, no matter when they or their families came from the homeland, they remain F/Pilipino through layers of acculturation to survive.

"Resistance and survival" were Professor Tintiangco-Cubales's message as she reflected on the journey of the educational project that now embodies the work of so many people, people who believe that youth can be leaders. Youth need support and education from caring teachers and adults that take the time to let them dream for a better life and that education is the key to understanding oneself to be prepared to take on the challenges of living in U.S. society. Armed with a sense of history and self can only lead a young person to an enlightened future with possibilities.

I had to reflect on the youth groups active in the past - Pilipino Youth Development Council (PYDC), Bayanihan, SIPA, Far West Student Organizing Committee among others. The legacy of youth development and leadership is alive and well with the visionary work of Allyson and her peers. They took the time to work with youth and the immeasureable outcomes will lead to more horizons where Filipino youth can and will succeed.

Manilatown Center was packed and for good reason. I only wish there were more community leaders who could witness that there is a movement of younger activists and professionals who take seriously the education of our youth and the development of the youth's talents and creativity to give back and serve the community. What more can you ask young people to do with their lives?"

Thank you to all in the community for your support! To learn more about hosting PEP and the sourcebook workshop at your school or at any community location, please email us. For more information on the book and purchasing, please click on the image below.

Pin@y Educational Partnerships: A Filipina/o American Studies Sourcebook Series

Volume I: Philippine and Filipina/o American History

Volume II: Filipina/o American Identities, Activism, and Service