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Pin@y Educational Partnerships: A Filipina/o American Studies Sourcebook


What’s all the buzz about?

This innovative source book encourages educators and students to actively engage in the learning of Filipina/o American Studies. With engrossing lesson plans and workshops, this is a comprehensive resource for educators, service-providers, students, and community members interested in the teaching and learning of Filipina/o American Studies.

“Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales's book materializes critical pedagogy. It offers a lesson plan format that allows for cultural production, community building, and interactive dialogue. This type of pedagogical scholarship is greatly needed and pioneering. I am positive this book will be used extensively by teachers from K-12 to higher education nationwide. It can also be used as a model to develop innovative and exciting teaching and learning programs on the experiences of other ethnic and racial groups in the United States.”

-Don Nakanishi, Ph.D.

Director, UCLA Asian American Studies Center

Professor, Department of Asian American Studies

Recognized as a Highly Recommended Resource by the Filipino American Curriculum Project, which is sponsored by the Smithsonian Asia Pacific American Program, Pin@y Educational Partnerships (PEP) presents to you the very best from its 5-year history, a period in which nearly one hundred PEP teachers and professors created over 300 lesson plans. It is everything you will need to begin teaching Filipino American Studies, or enhance your current curriculum!

Series Highlights:

  • Original and innovative CCC lesson plan format, including a template for your own personalized lesson plans
  • The teaching and learning of Filipina/o American studies through the presentation of lesson plans and workshops.
  • Comprehensive resource pages and worksheets for every section
  • Original maps, illustrations, drawings, photographs

Volume I includes over 20 detailed lesson plans and workshops covering:

  • Philippine History. Travel back to Pre-Colonial times and re-enact the historical conflicts, from the Spanish and Philippine American Wars to World War II, all while discovering the struggles and resistance with colonialism and imperialism
  • Filipina/o American History. Learn about the original immigrants, from the Louisiana Manila Men to the Pinoy and Pinay Pioneers of the early 20 th century, experience the dignified and determined farm workers’ labor, get involved with the Filipino Veterans rights issue that continues to present day
  • The students themselves, who map their family’s journey and learn the value of oral history

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Volume II includes over 30 detailed lesson plans and workshops covering:

  • The Filipina/o American Identity. Guide the process of searching and becoming Filipino, including the concept of Pinayism, Interracial and Mixed Heritage, and the fluidity of identity
  • Activism and Service. Teach the stories behind the history of Ethnic Studies at SFSU, Manilatowns, and the Fall and Rise of the I-Hotel, and direct a Filipino Community Project that requires students to volunteer, do research, and develop a community campaign/project.
  • An inside look at PEP’s people, classroom, and course management, including fun and effective teambuilding workshops. Create and run your own program!

BUY VOLUME II NOW! Website Price: $30 (Save from list price of $39.95!) plus shipping and tax, where applicable

I’m not a teacher or planning to be one. Is this for me?

Of course! If you’re interested in:

*Learning more about the Filipina/o American experience: from past to present, the sourcebook has resource pages that will satisfy even the most curious researcher. It also presents its lessons in a detailed, accessible, and fresh format that will enlighten and entertain any casual reader.

*Education or ethnic studies: the core of the book goes beyond just Filipina/o American and applies to anyone in America today, especially those struggling with success and identity.

*Service: From Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales, to her university student teachers, and even to her PEP high school students, you’ll learn about a program that owes its roots and growing success to service-learning.

Pin@y Educational Partnerships (PEP) is a community service program partnered with San Francisco State University’s Asian American Studies department. Professor Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales founded the revolutionary high school service-learning project in the fall of 2001, starting as a mentorship program and evolving into a year-long high school course on Filipina/o American studies.

About the Author

Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University

Dr. Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales is an associate professor of Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University's College of Ethnic Studies. She received her Bachelors of Arts in Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley in 1993 and her Ph.D. in Education from UCLA in 2000. She is the founder and director of Pin@y Educational Partnerships (PEP), a service and teaching pipeline focused on the marriage between critical Filipina/o American Studies and critical pedagogy. Her research focuses on Filipina/o American youth, community studies, critical performance pedagogy and Pinayism, a concept that she coined in 1995.

She is currently a senior research associate with the Educational Equity Initiative with the Cesar Chavez Institute and an Urban Fellow with the Institute on Civic and Community Engagement. She serves as a consultant with the San Francisco Unified School District on the development of ethnic studies curriculum for high school students. She is also on the Board of the Directors for the Filipino Community Center located in San Francisco's Excelsior District, on the Advisory Board for Manilatown Heritage Foundation, and the on the Board for the Bayshore Childcare Services in Daly City.

She has received several university and community awards for her work with youth and service learning, including the 2006 Distinguished Young Alumnus Award from UCLA and the 2008 Faculty Award for Community Service Learning. Along with her professional accomplishments and community service, she is happily married to her husband Valentino, who is also a teacher, and they have a five-year old daughter named Mahalaya. She attributes much of ability to pursue a life of service to her supportive husband, parents, sister, relatives, friends, and dedicated students.